The ENSAR contract will end in December 2014. In that perspective the ECOS and EURISOL-NET networks are organizing a joint town meeting at Institut de Physique Nucléaire in Orsay, France, October 28-31, 2014.
The aim is to summarize the achievements of the past four years and to discuss the future strategies for stable beams and radioactive ISOL beams in Europe based on the associated physics cases and the recent technical advances.

The ECOS town meeting will start on Tuesday, October 28 at 14:00 and run until Wednesday October 29 evening.

The EURISOL-NET town meeting will start on Thursday October 30 at 9:00 and end on Friday October 31 at 13:00.

There will be a joint social dinner for both meetings on Wednesday evening (October 29).



  • Last Registration deadline: October 19th

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